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Taxis in China (Beijing)

Tips on your travelling in Beijing Taxi: Taking a taxi is not a big problem in Beijing. But there are still some illegal taxi in Beijing! You can use the following methods to choose the real taxi: 1) The taxi plaque number starts with the number "B" 2) The taxi should be equippped with the light on the top and meter measuring. 3) It's better to take a taxi on the road instead of a taxi waiting somewhere. The empty taxi must show a red light in the front window. My experience tells me that there are two areas where you will encounter the illegal ( black ) taxi: A.The taxi waiting at the North Gate of Forbidden City. Actually the legal cabs are not permitted to wait in fornt of the gate. If you want to take a taxi when you finish your visit to Forbidden City, we suggest you walk about 200 meters and find a taxi going on the road. B.Please take a serious look at the taxi waiting at the Summer Palace. We still suggest you use a moving taxi. Don't use a the taxi which has no B or with funny colour ( normal colour: yellow and Red ). Watch out! Don't come aboard the black "illegal tour bus": In Beijing, there are still some black illegal tour bus sending tourists to the Great Wall. You will have a terrible trip once you get on it. To promote their illegal tours, these sales people always deliver a small card to passing-by travelers wanting to go to Great Wall tour by standing on the some public places like the street, Tian'anmen Square, or the entrance of Forbidden City. Very often they use their "unbelievable low price" to attract those "blind" tourists. But once you come aboard their bus for the Great Wall, they have to make you pay additional fees again and again. Sometimes even the Great Wall is not real Badaling section!! We remind you not to take their card if you happen to meet them. Actually it's very easy to recognize an illegal tour bus in Beijing. A legal tour bus plaque starts with "B", if not, you possiblely get on a "black tour bus". Fake art students: In some areas, you may meet some so-called art students who are approaching to you and talking with you mainly at the aim of practicing English with you. In fact, later, they want to sell some artifacts by taking you to an exhibition hall! Especially be careful of these areas: A.Wangfujing street B.Tiananmen square C.Starbuck coffee inside the Forbidden City Panjiayuan flea market: If you are interested in visiting Panjiayuan flea market which are open only on weekends, please do bargin. You know some of the stuff are not real antique. Is Beijing safe? Beijing is relatively a safe city. But we cannot say there is no danger since it is a big city, the capital of China. When we talk about danger,we often mean people are getting tricked, misdirected, or ripped off in terms of money not neccessarily putting a gun or knife on your back! Chinese people hate crime either. So we suggest you have to take care of your belongings and use your brain. Crossing the street: Some local people have little sense of traffic regulation. On the street, you will feel scary to find how some people in Beijing crossing the street. Some drivers fails to offer priority to the walking people or bicycle. At the same time some people ignore the trafic signal and the car too! Sometimes some people ignore the colour of the traffic. Please don't follow those who neglect the traffic regulation. Keep in mind that some of the drivers on the roads are quite new! So anything will occur! Pickpockets: You can still find some pickpockets in Beijing. Most of the predictable areas: scenic spots, shopping areas, on the buses and subway. Beside the areas, you have to be on the alert whereever and whenever you are, specially when you are in a supermarket or a restaurant. More Beijing independent travel informaion.

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